Public Notice for Kendrea & Others!

Our organization was in consideration of dethroning Kendrea Johnson McVadon, because of her obsessive compulsive Facebook & Instagram stalking of our fans and contestants in an attempt to NOT introduce herself as their reigning queen but to only slander our organization. We do take all of our contestants’ and fans’ privacy very seriously and that is why we have created this notice.

Stalking of individuals by using their names & photos from any organizations website to search for & look them up on social media only to send them unwanted or negative information in making their experience with our organization a negative one is indeed considered trolling. Trolling in today’s social media focused world is inappropriate and an abusive use of our clients personal private information. Most of those contacted weren’t on her friends list and these messages were sent as message requests. If she contacts you with any information about this pageant, just know that she is not under any official capacity to do so and please report this immediately to our office with photo evidence. …We have tried to work with this individual but our patience and continually being forgivable of her default in her contractual obligations is growing very, very thin.

However, we are willing to allow this individual to submit an official apology for actions done; in order to correct the harm she has attempted on our non-profit. No pageant business should be trolled or attacked by any contestant or queen in an attempt to harm their incoming donations or entry fee payments because of selfish behavior….Please be advised that Kendrea Johnson McVadon is still, by contract, considered an official Pageant Queen of this organization. As per all queens contracts in any pageant, the queens contract comes to a close only by two ways. She closes out her contract properly by crowning her successor. Or her contract is ended by disqualification due to inappropriate behavior. Since she has NOT crowned her successor, nor have we disqualified her, she is still under contract as a queen regardless of any date extensions due to rescheduled events.

God bless the world in these hard times as this horrible COVID-19 outbreak extends. We should all be showing each other concern and compassion right now. We will excuse her actions of slandering us during what she felt was a very opportunistic moment when many events had to reschedule for safety reasons and concerns anyways

Please note, she was given free entry to compete in our pageant and it included a free crown & sash set as Ms. Infinity Tennessee!

After winning the title of Ms. Infinity America, she was only required to sell 4 tickets @$75 each to attend our sponsor’s prom event where they crowned her as the official Ms. Infinity America!

After being selected to be Ms. Infinity International, we included with her contract a clause that allowed her to compete in other pageants, as requested by her, while representing our international title; even-though we have a no compete rule for all international level titleholders!

She has repeatedly been unfaithful to our pageant by crown chasing and competing in other pageants while ignoring her duties as Ms. Infinity International. Every task we have given her or request for time served in her community to keep track of hours done was always met with…

  • a request for additional prizes listed in her queens package not earned as of yet, or 
  • met with a comment of she doesn’t know how to do the task, or 
  • can’t get time off work, or 
  • met with a submission of in-complete or distasteful work. 

As per our contracts, we do not give out prizes to queens who do little to no work to earn them during their year of reign while some how making time to compete elsewhere. Our pageant is about community service and the continuity of altruism, yet she did not do a vast majority of her community service as she competed elsewhere as a reigning queen in our pageant and she did not complete a vast majority of her pageant duties as needed or as required to be done in the instructed way as issued. 

Since she has not finished out her contract to crown her successor; we will still honor her contract if she…

  • issues an official apology statement, not only by email to us; but also on her social media pages to the contestants she obsessively stalked and to our organization for slandering us.
  • To also remedy the situation, she will need to replace on her social media pages, her Ms. Infinity International title that she decided to remove last year around the month of July; in which went against her contractual obligations as a queen and yet we said nothing regarding it.

If the official apology is NOT issued and the title is NOT replaced within 15 business days, an official in-depth write-up of inappropriate behavior will be publicly issued on social media, our website and along with a letter of her dethroning to other organizations she competed with and/or won titles from during her year of reign with our organization.

Copyright Ms. Infinity® International 2019 – All rights reserved; Recruiting done by Faces of Global Change® photo contests. Each are Officially produced by the Shana E. International Scholarship Program & Productions, Inc. (82-5362846)

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